Mining & Mineral Resource

Reid Heliwork are experienced in all types of Mining and Mineral Resource Support. With a huge emphasis on Safety and Efficiency our highly trained team of Pilots and ground crew are ready to help with any task.
With the ability to carry up to 6 Passengers plus Pilot, our Aircraft are ideally suited to service all      Fly In, Fly out and Crew Charter needs.

Aero Medical

The Bell 206 Longranger is a 7 seat Turbine engined Helicopter. It has proved itself over many years all around the world as a fast, versatile and reliable Aero medical Aircraft. The open cabin is fully equipped with Stretcher kit and wide entry doors allowing Reid Heliwork to cater to all Emergency Response and Medical needs.


Reid Heliwork are specialists in animal population surveys. Operations are conducted with the use of GPS computer mapping transects and approved reference booms.
Other survey operations include Gas Pipelines, Noxious weed spotting. Locust spotting and Property mapping.


The R44 and B206 Helicopters are a good stable platform for aerial photography and filming. Visibility is excellent from all seats, any combination of doors can be removed and camera operators can film from either side of the aircraft.
Our Chief Pilot has extensive experience and is well qualified in aerial photography and filming with clients including Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10 and ABC television.

Powerline Inspection

Reid Heliwork have conducted countless powerline inspections all over Queensland and Northern New South Wales for such companies as Ergon Energy and North West Electricity.
Our Aircraft are perfect for this role as visibility is unrestricted, two observers can sit on one side of the helicopter with doors removed, they are fast between inspection points and have long range and endurance. Our 206 & 206L aircraft are both equipped with Wire Strike Protection Systems (WSPS).
Reid Heliwork are a preferred supplier to Ergon Energy Queensland.

Feral Animal Control

Our Chief Pilot has extensive experience on aerial shooting operations including culls of feral horses, cattle, pigs and goats. Reid Heliwork have been employed for feral animal control by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection service (AQIS), Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

We hold all relevant approvals on our Air Operators Certificate (AOC) including the carriage of firearms, low flying and the use of shooters harness in lieu of seatbelts. In addition to this our Chief Pilot holds both Category C & D firearms licences.

We can supply our own Certified shooters and have our own weapons for aerial culling, these include a pump action shotgun and a .308 calibre M1A Scout semi automatic rifle. These weapons are all equipped with ‘Red Dot’ sights.

Our feral animal control operations are planned around computer aided GPS mapping. We find the mapping facility invaluable as boundaries and ‘no go’ zones are easily transferred to the moving map GPS recievers onboard the aircraft. This eliminates the risk of shooting in off target areas.. This software can also be used to track the actual flight path and pinpoint exactly where individual animals are destroyed.


All Reid Heliwork helicopters are equipped with Certified cargo hooks for lifting.
With the latest range of sling equipment including Long Lines, Net’s and Remote Hooks we are ready to deliver the Safest, most efficient result for any task.
We have performed countless lifting operations which have included the relocation of construction material for national parks, drought and flood relief supplies, animal fodder drops, fuel, batteries and generators to remote sites, live animal relocation, air conditioners onto buildings and Fire starting equipment.
Our aircraft external load capability:
•    R44 can lift up to 300kg
•    B206 can lift up to 400kg
•    B206L can lift up to 600kg

*Maximum load capacity limitations may apply due to Environmental conditions or specific job   requirements.

Fire Lighting

See here for details on our own Skyfire device and services.

All our Helicopters are equipped with:

•    Moving map GPS navigation
•    Quality intercom system
•    VHF & UHF Radio’s
•    Satellite telephone
•    Cargo hook for sling loads
•    Emergency locating beacon – 406mHz with GPS
•    Survival equipment
•    Survival rations
•    Spidertracks GPS live tracking (monitored from our base)